About Mediasoft

Web Design

Mediasoft has been creating websites and developing web related software for over 17 years.  Mediasoft has used bleeding edge technologies for many projects through the years but has learned that by using current web standards and best practices that the finished projects are easier to maintain and have fewer problems.  Mediasoft uses the following technologies in most of our projects, PHP, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Javascript frameworks, such as Laravel and Content Management Systems such as WordPress unless you, the customer would need us to develop using a specific technology.

Website/Software Development

Website and Software Development is different than website design.  Design is all about the look and feel of a website and development has to do with functionality and inner workings of a website or web application.  We can develop software for your website, CMS such as WordPress, CRM such as Salesforce or any other software that you use or would like to be developed.

SEO Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising along with SEO are just a few things used to get people to your website, products, and services.  SEO is different than marketing and advertising because it deals with keywords and search engine algorithms.

What We Do

Internet Marketing & Advertising Software Development Web Development Web Design SEO

Mediasoft is a company that does everything from building new computers, computer repair, server administration and networking, which includes Microsoft servers, Linux and Unix servers to Salesforce development, software development which includes RIA development and websites, SEO, internet marketing and advertising.  Mediasoft also provides video production and print solutions.

Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development

Salesforce Administration/Developing and Consulting with over 25 years of IT industry experience and over 3 years experience in Salesforce Administration and Developing.  Mediasoft has created and or maintained over 300 Apex Classes, 45 Triggers, 200 Visualforce Pages, 64 Visualforce Components, 54 Custom Objects, 400 Email Templates, 21 Static Resources, 200 Workflow Rules and 33 Validations Rules.

Experienced in activities related to SFDC, Saleforce.com setup, architecture, strategy, configuration, customization, administration, data migration and deployment of applications to the Force.com platform.

Experienced in creating roles, profiles, email services, page layouts, workflow alerts and actions, and approval workflow.

Designed formulas, junction objects and implemented various advanced fields like picklist, custom formula fields, field dependencies, validation rules, workflows, and approval processes for automated alerts, field updates, and email generation according to application requirements

Experienced in full life cycle implementation (SDLC), testing and production support

Web Development

Web Development

Mediasoft has over 20 years of experience in Web Development.  We use the latest web technologies, which include HTML5, PHP, CSS3, JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks such as Laravel, Content Managment Systems, such as WordPress.  We are not limited to the mentioned technologies but those are the technologies used most of the time.  We have also developed web applications using Microsoft .NET and Flash Action Script coding.

Mediasoft works with you to plan and use the best fitting technology to complete your project.

Web Design

Web Design

From simple web designs to complex web applications, Mediasoft designs web sites and web apps that achieve business objectives. We design websites that factor in more than just pretty graphics but it also needs to be intuitive. To ensure accuracy and a quality final product.  Mediasoft performs an in-depth period of research and discovery prior to starting actual design. After setting a foundation of type, style, and color expectations with clients, we then move to create web designs that achieve visual and operational goals.



SEO can be very hard to get right, at Mediasoft, we will work with you to figure out what keywords should be used to get the best search engine rankings, which will, in turn, drive the most traffic to your website.  After working with you and discussing your products or services, we will compile a list of the best keywords that could be used to move your website onto the first page of the major search engines.


Marketing & Advertising

To make sure you get the most traffic and exposure, Mediasoft will use multiple channels, these channels will include but not limited to Facebook ads, PPC campaigns with Facebook and Google.  There are really so many different ways to market and advertise, that we would continue to monitor existing campaigns and discuss future campaigns, depending on the performance of existing campaigns, we would decide if we should increase what we are already doing or start other types of campaigns to maximize returns.

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